Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"two kinds"analys paragraph

In the story "two kinds" jing mei is the main character and one trait that describes her is disrespectful. The reason that I choose this trait is because whenever her mom wants her to try something new she always talks to he mom in a rude way instead on telling her mom in a nice way that she doesn't think her idea is a good idea.
Jing meis actions towards her mother are unnecessary because she could talk to her mom in a polite tone of voice instead of shouting and disrespecting her mom every time her mom chooses an idea for her daughter of becoming a prodigy.Jing meis appearance is she is a small Chinese girl with a messed uP hair cut because her mom wanted her to be like sherrly temple. Some of her thought are that she will never be a prodigy of anything because she never wants to listen to her mom. Some feelings she has is that she feels like her mother is trying to boss her around and she doesn't like it.One thing jing mei said in the story is that she wishes she was dead like her other siblings after her mother forces her to play the piano after a bad recital she had the day before.jing mei is like a real person because there are people in the world that don't like to try in anything they do.


  1. I dont really agree with you, she didnt want to be a prodigy and her mother tried to force her too.

  2. Sophomore, aren't proper nouns and names of stories capitalized?
    Would you spell your name andrew or Andrew???