Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dragons' Den First Semester Week 6: Campus Donations

I feel very grateful about the people who donate money and supplies to San Pasqual Academy because it shows that they care for kids like us and that we don’t have to use old supplies that are on the verge of breaking because we used them for so long. And when they donate things like the football field it makes me feel thankful because if it wasn’t for them the whole team would have to go all the way to Romana for home games but now that we have a field on campus we don’t have to travel that far. I also feel grateful because if the people who donated thing to us didn’t care then we wouldn’t have the proms that we have every year, and we wouldn’t have most of the campus because this whole campus was built off of donations people gave to SPA.


  1. Very good post,now I know how important it was for you guys to have a field.

  2. Sometimes, I forget that almost our entire campus has been funded by donations. That's a lot of generosity!