Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Biographical Narratives - Housemates Character Traits

Carlos R is very isolated because all he does is play video games in his room. The only time I see him Is when he comes out his room to eat and when he gets boerd of games. Rigo is very bold. I chose the trait bold because every time someone tells him something he has something rude to say. Carlos G is very artistic becasue when he has time to draw he will take that time to draw something and make it look good. Brian B is very ignorant because when he is told something most of the he will do the opposite just to get a reaction out of that person. Drew is very humoris because everyday when he is in class he will always crack jokes and make people laugh and some teachers laugh with the students. Michael is very melow person because he is not mean but could be at some point in time if you talk a lot of smack to him. And Tamarcus is very argumentitive because every time someone says something he will put his opinion in and argue with that person if he tinks the person is wrong.


  1. I love that completed this before the form was up. I totally agree that Mikey is mellow. But, I worry that the guys may be offend by "ingorant" and "argumentative." Have they seen this?