Tuesday, October 4, 2011

" two kinds " mother daughter conflict

The conflict between Jung-mei and her mother is that her mother wanted her to be a perfect prodigy like all the other little kids that she reads about in some of the magazines she reads. For example she wants king mei to be a prodigy of sherrly temple so she cuts her hair and ends up giving her a bad hair cut. This shows that all the mother wants to do is find something her daughter is good at. This also shows that Ning mei can't be a prodigy of sherrly temple because she has a bad hair cut and she can't sing.In addition her mother sighns her daughter up for piano lessons.This shows that if her mother thInks that her daughter isn't good at singing then she could be good at playing the piano. This also shows that all her mother wants to do is find something her daughter is good at because she wants her daughter to be a prodigy like other kids she reads about n magazines.Jing mei and her mOthers actions are different because her mother wants her to do something that will make her succesful but king mei doesn't take anything serious.

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