Thursday, October 6, 2011

Academic Language Practice Paragaph 7

In my opinion I think the popularity of vampires in literature and movies are fading away because not a lot of movies have PLOTS with vampires in them. The reason movies don’t have vampires in them is because ever since Dracula a lot of movie directors are trying way to hard to keep the vampire stage alive but its just getting old and vampire movies aren’t a FACTOR now. One last reason I think the popularity of vampires is fading away is because before people use to like talking about them and writing about so people could be fascinated about the subject but now its old they don’t have a VOICE in the subject any more those are some of my opinions about the popularity of vampire fading away.


  1. Great post, I'm glad that you used the three words.

  2. Great Post! I agree with Griselda for using the three words. Your right they don't have a voice anymore. It's all the same now.