Monday, October 17, 2011

Dragons' Den First Semester Week 8: Friends or Adults?

In my life, caring adults are more important because they care about me and the mistakes I make in my life. One reason is if adults didn’t care about me and what I do I would be some teenage boy that always gets into trouble and is a bad influence on kids that are trying to do good things instead of bad. Additionally adults that care for their kids are doing the right thing for their children because they are getting them a good education. One last reason is if all the adults didn’t care about what kids do in their life and let them go around doing whatever they wanted to do who knows what might happen. I let these people know I appreciate them by always listening to them and doing what they tell me to do because they always listen to me when I have something to say and they help me out when I have a problem or if I’m in a tough situation.

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