Thursday, January 6, 2011

Third Quarter Goals

An accomplishment from last year is I was able to finish middle school even though I didn’t care the first semester but I was able to graduate. I took tutoring classes after school and tried to stay focused in all my classes because I noticed I needed to bring my grade up. I also brought my grade up because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have been able play in the championship game with my old football team.
Three goals I am setting for 2011 are paying more attention in class and turning in all my assignments, another goal is doing whatever I have to do so I can be on our high school football team, and my last goal for 2011 is passing the ninth grade with outstanding grades.

One goal that I am going to do is pay attention in class and turn in all my home work.

• One thing that will help me achieve this goal is work during study hour and turn in all my assignments.

Another goal is to do all my work so I can be on the football team.

• One thing that will help me achieve this goal is motivate myself so I can be a starter on my high school football team.

My last goal is to past the ninth grade with great grades.

• One thing that will help me achieve this last goal is me looking ahead and going into the tenth grade with good grades so I can do the same the following year.


  1. good gaols and keap up the work

  2. I hope that you get to become a starter, just keep working at it and you can get really good grades.

  3. good luck with that, I think you could do it!

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  5. This is pretty good. Do work so you can be on the football team. (Maybe)

  6. Andrew you are doing perfectly fine you just have to really put you mind to it and I know you can make it to the football team. Don't listen to that MAYBE ^^ You can do it :]

  7. You'll make it for sure Andrew. You can do it.