Monday, January 24, 2011

Symbolism and Allegory Unit Reflection

Over the past few weeks my class has been working on the words and meanings of symbolism and allegory. I learned about symbol  because our teacher had us read a story about called “The Grandfather”, and One assignment we had to do was write a paragraph about what symbolizes one important person in your life. We learned about allegory from a story our teacher had us read called “The Cave”.  Assignment we had to do that includes allegory is what we would do if we were in the narrator’s situation in the story “The Cave”. We had to write the paragraph because in the story a man was nearly beaten to death and after gathering the strength to find shelter in a cave he was encouraged enough to go back to the people who had beaten him and fight again, he was encouraged because in the cave he found a bears skull, axe head, and a arrow head that had blinded the bear. And from those objects he knew that a man blinded the bear and killed it. Studying symbolism and allegory changed the way I was thinking because when I never knew there were so many ways you could symbolize something or someone.

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  1. Whose class were you in this week, Andrew? In Ms. Priester's class, the freshmen read "The Skull and the Arrow"in order to learn allegory.
    Please proofread your work before posting it.