Thursday, January 27, 2011

Third Quarter Goals Reflection

My goals for this quarter is pay attention in all my classes and turn in all my work. My second goal is to do all my work so I can be on the football team. My last goal is to past the ninth grade with great grades. Some things I did to achieve my first goal is being on top of all my work and making sure I finish all the assignments so I can turn them in the next day. Some thing I did to achieve my second goal is to motivate myself as much as possible because I really want to be on the football team. And one thing I did to achieve my last goal is to make sure I get all my assignments so I can complete them and turn them in. One thing I’m doing well in is completing all my assignments. One thing I have to do different is trying hardest to get off two hour because I want to get off and some people want me to get off two hour as well. At the end of the quarter I expect to feel relieved because I went the whole quarter trying my best to keep my grades up and trying to get off two hour. I want to feel relived because the first two quarters I was doing bad and myself and others noticed it so I started trying my best because I actually wanted to achieve my goals so I started turning in my work and staying on top of all my classes so I can make my goals achievable.  


  1. Good job on writing more words then expected! Great Job little Drew.

  2. Thats great goals, you will be able to achieve that I know it! and someone needs to tell Michael that these comments are supposed to be related to the post. Nice work though!

  3. I agree with Jennifer:D but great job brother, in the end all your hard work will pay off and you will notice just doind\g what you are doing and sooner or later you will see results.!!!