Thursday, September 1, 2011

“Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket” My Yellow Paper Paragraph

The item I would risk my life for would be a picture of my dad and grandma. One reason why I would risk my life for the picture is because ever since I was a little kid my dad and grandma were the two people that raised me because my mom left the day after I was born. Another reason is because they both passed away when I was seven years old and now that is the only thing I have to remember them. One last reason I would risk my life is because I think anyone would risk their lives for a picture with their grandma and dad if it’s the only memory they had of them. I keep the picture in a safe place everyday and when I get back from going somewhere I look to make sure its there so that is how I keep my item safe.


  1. This was a very good post. If i was you I would risk my life for that too.

  2. Do you have a digital copy of the photo? I can help you scan it.