Tuesday, September 6, 2011

“The Contents of the Dead Man’s Pocket” Minute Paragraph

I was getting warmed up for my first high school football game against Cali patria hornets. I saw the fans that were coming to support our team and I saw some other fans sitting in the stands with posters for the players. I also saw the other team warming up on the other side of the field just like we were, but some of their players were talking to their coach and some were just stretching individually. During that time I was thinking about what I will do if I drop and easy pass or if I fumble the ball when we need the first down really bad. I was also thinking what will happen if I got injured because that was my biggest fear me getting injured in a game and not being able to play for the whole season.


  1. I saw you out there,you did really great too that game. You dont need to worry about that stuff, you do your best and that should be good enough for anybody.

  2. This paragraph would be outstanding if it was followed by a minute of your thoughts after the game. Your writing makes me want to know the outcome.