Monday, August 29, 2011

Response to Priester's Syllabus

I feel very excited about English 10 because last year I learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know before so I am kind of curious about what we might learn this year. The class work says we’re going to be doing sounds like its going to be difficult. An other thing I saw on the syllabus was the class room expectations; I know I am capable of follow the expectations because I barely had any problems in last years class. I know I can do a better job when I read the list because it motivates me to do a good job on my work. I hope I can maintain above a 2. GPA this year, but I have to work even harder then I did last year because I am on the football team and I was to play all the years I’m here.


  1. I agree that you can do a better job this year. If you didn't get in trouble last year than you probably wont get in trouble this year.

  2. Look over your work before posting it. :)