Wednesday, June 8, 2011

UnGoogleable Research Paper Final Draft

When an athlete is really good at a sport that’s all they think about . what they aren't thinking about Is if the career is good for them. When it comes to sports some people think diffrent things. kids play sports when they are younger from football to water polo, because their parents want them to be an active child. when kids get to the age where they start to notice that playing sport is what they like they might see it being a goal. Other kids might think that they are not good at sports and might just focus on school. playing sports can be a successful career because people can have things like fame, money, and can accomplish their goals, but sports can also be a unsuccessful career because people can get really hurt and wont be able to do anything that involves their legs.

Playing sports can be a successful career, according to New York times writer Rodney after an athlete retires after having a good career they try and spend some time playing the sport they use to play because they love the game so much. according to Josh from sports success "Ever since I was little I thought about the sport a lot so I set a goal and accomplished it." Michael Jordan said "after retiring my life has gone good I have fans, fame, and I changed the game. what else can I ask for?"  Those are some reasons why playing sports can be a successful career.            

Playing sports can be an unsuccessful career because in contact sports like football peoples careers can end in just on play from a little stinger to a devistating hit. Pro wide receiver Isaac Bruce said " when I was going up for the winning catch I thought we are going to win and then my lights went out .” Careers can be ended or crushed by hard hits. Another reason playing sports is an unsuccessful career according to an article in Sports illustrated is because when an athlete retires it’s hard for them to go out into public without getting bombarded by a group of reporters. playing sports can be an unsuccessful career because an athlete loses not only the sport but they also lose teammates, and coaches. Those are some reasons why playing sports can be an unsuccessful career.    

            When it comes to sports as a career some people think it’s a good career but not everybody thinks the same. There are people that think it’s a bad career because of the past. Some athletes said that “In this game injuries are bound to happen because it’s a contact sport. some hits can be a career ender, or some hits might sting a little bit and end up on channel five. Athletes train almost daily on perfecting skills and techniques required for their particular sport. Some skills such as team-work can be used in new areas, and there is likely to be new resources and skills required for thoses new jobs. Those are some reasons why sports careers can be a good and bad thing.

Playing sports as a career can be good and bad. It's good because people had fame, fans, and accomplished a goal. But it's also bad because people’s careers ended from one injury. So that is why playing sports as a career can be a good and bad. When the word sport comes to peoples mind people think different. Some people think that it can be good because it’s a high paying job, and most of all it can be a life accomplishing goal. And other people think that it’s just a bad idea because of the career ending injuries, or the hassle it can give to retired players. When playing sports as a career people might think it can be a good career because it gives people reputation, and they can help other communities with foundations or fundraisers. And some people think its bad because people can get hurt, retirement can also be bad for players that love for the game, and some also lose people that are close to them like their coach. playing sports can be a successful career if people are up to accomplishing and succeeding a goal.

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