Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Portfolio – Greatest High School Accomplishment - 9th

The incident happened in geometry my fifth period class. In geometry I really didn’t like doing my work because I thought it was kind of hard so I just pushed the homework aside and worked on something else. But sooner or later I noticed that I wasn’t passing the class because I never turned in the homework and it was really close for grades to come out so I had to do something fast about my grade. So the next day I went straight to my geometry teacher and asked if there is anything I could do to bring my grade up before grades go out and he said yes and gave me some make up work to do. So when I got the make up sheets I went straight to work and the next day I turned in all the worksheets that he gave me and told me that I grade went from a F to  a C  and I was super happy. The incident changed me because I use to think geometry is hard but the problem was me. I wasn’t working to my full potential.


  1. Your post is similar to me because I would tell myself that I can not do anything but then I changed my thinking I achieved what I wanted to achieve.

  2. You post reminds me of when i tride at the end too