Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Portfolio – Greatest High School Obstacle

The incident happened in the end of second quarter during Ms. Priesters English 9 class. It was the end of the second quarter and Ms. Priesters English 9 class was assigned a project telling everybody what we learned in the second quarter and was due in a week. So I thought to myself that I had a lot of time so I didn’t do it all I did was sit around and procrastinate. But after four or five days I started thinking about getting started so that’s what I did but I needed more time but I didn’t want to ask Ms. Priester because it was my fault for not working on it while I had time so I worked on it when I had extra  time in class and also at night so I could get a good graade on it. So finally when I was finished it was the night before it was due so I turned it in and went to sleep not worrying about my project because I got it done. The incident changed me because I stopped taking my time on some projects and I take my time to work on it instead of waiting till the last second to turn it in.

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