Thursday, June 2, 2011

Romeo and Juliet - Acts 4-5 - Cause of Deaths

Romeo and Juliet both die do to human mistakes. When Juliet died the first time everyone thought she really died but she was just in a comma so she could be with Romeo when she wakes up but all she did was have Romeo kill him. Another example is when Romeo died from a human mistake because he didn’t receive the letter that told him that Juliet was in a comma so he automatically thought she was dead so he drank a vile of poison and died. Another example is when Juliet woke up from her comma she found Romeo dead on the floor and she tried to take some poison that she thought was on his lips but there wasn’t any so instead she stabbed herself with Romeos knife. The story relates to real life because some people can be really in love with someone that they will do whatever it takes to be with that person no matter what anybody says or does.


  1. I really like the effort you put in this post but the last sentence I think was bad. It just wasn't ninth grade level.

  2. Wow really what did I say that wasn't ninth grade level.

  3. I agree with your blog post because Romeo kills his cousin, Juliet fakes her death.

  4. comma = ,
    coma= a state of deep sleep

    Look over your work before posting it. Some sentences do not make sense. Some sentences are run-ons. :(