Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Reaction to JFK’s Death

 When I found out about President Kennedys death I was kind of sad because I was imagining what the presidents family was going through and how they felt when they witnessed him die in the seat next to them. Besides feeling sad I felt worried for his family because when his brothers were presidents they were assassinated as well and to have more than one family member killed it must be a tragedy. When I was wondering what the family felt the thought came to me, why would someone assassinate the president? What did he do to you or who did he harm? When those thoughts ran through my head it final came to me “what if they assassinated the president because of politics or government issues?” So that is how I felt about the president’s assassination.  


  1. I remember doing this last year...Great hob brother keep it up!

  2. I thought this paragraph looked pretty short but good job.