Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fourth Quarter Goals

My greatest accomplishment of last quarter was to get the grades to get off two- hour. Getting off two-hour was my greatest goal because I didn’t want to do two hours of studying every night and I wanted to stay out late with my friends on weekends. To achieve my goal I had to pay more attention in all my classes and turn in all my work because in the beginning of the year I didn’t care and I never turned in all my work until someone told me I needed to turn in my work and get off two-hour so I listened and now I thank that person for telling that because now I’m off thanks to her .

My goal for this quarter is to get good grades so I can go to prom and pass the ninth grade. Three things I will need to do to achieve this goal is 1) Pay attention in all my classes and turn in every piece of work I get. 2) Not hang out with people I know will make it harder for me to achieve this goal or hang out with people that are holding me back. 3) The last thing I will do to achieve this goal is focus on my school work before anything because I want to achieve this goal.


  1. You sound so mature in this post. I hope you remember to thank the person who helped you. Keep up the good work!