Thursday, March 17, 2011

"American History" from elana's point of view.

When preseident Kennedy was assaainated I was at a school called Private school 13 on a cold day and all the ninth grades got to go out for free exercise time, the girls got to play jump rope on one side of the yard, and the boys got to shoot a basketball in a hoop on the other side. As I was playing jump rope I would be made fun of by the black girls because I was skinny or I wasnt playing jump rope the right way. I hate the city especially in thr winter, and I especially hate my public school. There was a new kid that moved into town and I could see his house from my window and from the fire escape where I liked to read books sometimes. He was picked on and made fun of just like me and I started to like him because him and I were the kids getting picked on. I could tell he liked me because when I asked if he was Eugene after school that day he started to blush a little bit.  So weeks after that we would walk home together we would linger at the corner for a few minutes then walk to his house. So the next day we were let out early because president Kennedy was shot when I got home I was getting ready to leave when my mom said she wanted me to stay home and pay respect to him but i couldnt stay for that. So I left to Eugenes house and when I got there his mom answered and told me to leave so I went back home and started to cry.

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