Wednesday, March 9, 2011

“American History” Experience with Discrimination

When I was first discriminated against I was in the sixth grade. It all happened after the first day of school when a kid in the eighth grade came up to me and said I don’t belong there because I was in a lower grade. When the kid told me that I told him I didn’t care because it was just a school and when I told him that he got mad because he didn’t want to hear that he wanted to fight me. After the kid heard what I said he said he is not going to let me leave until he fights me but I told him I’m not going to fight over a stupid reason so I left and as I walked past the kid he bumped into  my shoulder because he was mad that he didn’t get to fight me. The experience made me feel sort of mad because I didn’t do anything to the kid and out of nowhere he wants to fight me but I didn’t fight that kid because it was the first day of school.

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