Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Choice Blog Post

When I was in the fifth grade me and my friend we in the school playground talking about how we cant wait for the fourth of July because it was only a couple of days away and we couldn’t wait to light some fireworks. When I mentioned the word firework he looked at me with a huge but conspicuous smile on his face. So when I saw him put that look on his face I knew he was up to something and I knew he wanted me to help him with whatever he was going to do. So I asked him what was his plan, and his plan was thirty minutes before the bell rings we will go on the football field and put a bunch of cherry bombs in a water bottle and throw it in the air so it will explode in mid air. So while waiting for time to go by we were trying to find a water bottle to use and finally we found one in the bushes near the track fence. By the time we found the water bottle the yard duty blew the whistle and said there is half an hour left before school started so me and my friend went to the far side of the track and started to pack the water bottle with cherry bombs. When the bottle was finally full with cherry bombs he asked if I was ready to witness an explosion and I said sure. He took out a lighter and counted down from three all the way to one and when he got to one he light the fire works sealed the water bottle and threw it high in the air and ran to stand next to me. As the bottle was in the air my friend and I were waiting for an explosion and then all of a sudden there was a loud bang that sounded like a gun shot. When we heard that we both got super scared and ran to the swing set where we sat down and never spoke of the situation again.


  1. Good job, Keep up the good work.

  2. You are lucky you didn't blow your fingers off!

  3. I agree with Ms.Priester...but great job doing your more playing with cherry bombs!