Thursday, April 28, 2011

CST Testing Reflection

On the first day of testing I woke up and I said to myself well only half an hour before I have to take the test. So when I got to school I went to the class where me and some other students were going to take the test. As I waited for the rest of the kids to show up I was talking to the teacher about what his major was in college. So a few minutes into our conversation two students showed up and said the other student was on the way. While we waited for two minutes we were just sitting around. I was feeling kind of nervous because I didnt want to mess up on the test. After a minute the student came through the door and sat down in her seat and asked what we are doing and the teacher told her that we are going to eat breakfast then we are going to start the test. On that day we had a burrito, juice, peanut butter bars, and milk. So after we were all done eating breakfast we were given the test book along with the answer sheet and pencil. While the teacher was reading the directions to us I was thinking to myself wow the time has come for the big test.So after listening to the teacher he told us that we can begin on our test so I opened and started to work. So after working for what it seemed like ten hours I was finally done with the whole test and turned it in. I could only think what if I did something wrong or what if I forgot to answer a question? but I did not let it bother me and sat back down until we could go to lunch. So that was my testing experience.


  1. I felt nervous, too, while taking the test, but I was relieved because I finished it.

  2. I was in your class and you did pretty good I think !