Thursday, April 28, 2011

Campus Life Third-Person Paragraph

What some people do when they get ready for school here is they will wake up early in the morning so they can have enough time to get ready and when they are done they would spend the rest of their time either watching TV or eating breakfast before they have to go to school. Now when dinner hour comes around all the kids must be in the house from five thirty to six thirty and have to sit at the table for at least ten minutes before they can do something else. When lunch time comes around lunch is always in the cafĂ©. The way lunchtime works is people have to wait in a line, get a tray and some eating utensils, along with some milk. After that people will move on and then people get to where the food is, and at the front of the line people will serve the food. And there is lunch.  So that is what we do here at SPA.