Thursday, February 17, 2011

Similes + Metaphors + Personification = Figurative Language

1. Love is a journey: It’s been a long, bumpy road.
2. Life is a three-ring circus.
3. Hate is a pit of burning coals raging inside me.
4. 2 pees in a pod

1. Community meeting is like a waste of time.
2. Passes are like a one way trip out of here.
3. The gym is like a place where I can focus.
4. My house is like a play pin with kids in it.

 1. The moon is like a big bowl of milk in the sky without someone drinking it.
 2. Flowers are like a kid toys always scattered around.
 3. A phone is like people talking we call it a chatter box.
 4. A car is like a bike needs someone to drive or start it.


  1. Job well done Guti, I like what you have there.

  2. Good job Andrew these are some good similes.

  3. That's funny, some of your poem's are like mine and others that I have looked at.

  4. Yeah I agree with shaurice good job