Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Free Choice Blog Post

One thing I like about being in ninth grade is it’s my first year in high school and I can meet more people. One reason I like being in high school is I could join a high school basketball team or football team with other kids in higher grades then I am in. I would join the high school   football team or basketball team because it’s sort of a challenge for me because most the kids on other teams are bigger than me.  Another reason I like being in high school is the home work and class work. I like high school home work and class work because it’s kind of the same as middle school but different because some of your work can be on computer and in middle school your work is all on paper. So that is why I like being in high school.  


  1. Good Job keep up the good work and High School is easy as long as you keep on track.

  2. School wise it could be easy but athletic wise, its hard! Good post

  3. Good job andrew. I agree with michael