Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Paragraph to Persuade You to Read My Poem

The name of my poems are “The American Hero, and "The Base Stealer”. The author of “The American Hero” is Essex Hemphill and the author of “The Base Stealer” is Robert Francis. Someone should read my poem because both poems are about taking risks and sacrifices. One reason someone should read this poem because in life there are always losers and not everybody wins. In “The Base Stealer” the character takes the risk of stealing home plate to win the game for his team. Some people might not want to read this poem because they are too cocky and nobody is better then them. But that’s why they should read these poems because they should know that in life some people will win some and some people will lose some. The best part of the Poems are the ending because in both poems the character ends up taking a risk or sacrifice and ends up winning the game for their team.


  1. Were both on the same track a little bit! Good job Gutti.

  2. I was really glad to see this post because I like Essex Hemphill's poetry a lot. I didn't know this particular poem but found a link:
    He was a wonderful person--I met him many years ago when he visited a college campus where I was working. He passed away very young. Keep reading and writing about poetry! Do you write it yourself?
    -Marta (I teach in a college. My students are studying to be teachers and love reading the blog writing of students like you!)