Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Narrator Assessment Project - Thanksgiving 2011 - Freshmen

Andrew G& Jennifer B                                    
November 30, 2011
English 10 - Period 2
Narrative Project                                              
                                                 Jammer Thanksgiving Dinner

First - Person Narration from Andrew’s Point of View
I woke up with a smile on my face because i knew today some of the San Pasqual students were going to the Jammer Dinner and I was one of them. I was more then  existed, I got up from my bed and took a shower, brushed my teeth before i started school. I went to my first class and I already wanted school to be over I went throw my day thinking about how much fun it was going to be, I was more existed because of all the food that there were going to be and how I’m going to pig out. school went by slow by my day was almost over. We has 10 seconds before school was over I was counting down till I hared the bell ring. The moment the bell rang I ran to my house to get everything ready.

Third-Person Limited Narrator
It was five o’clock when I started to board the bus that would take everyone to a place called the Hall of champions for the thanksgiving dinner. the bus i was one was completely packed with students that were dressed nice and some were dressed casual.On the way there i was listening to music and thinking about what I'm going to do when i get there. It took us about an hour to get to the Hall of Champions because it was all the way in San Diego, but when we got there you could tell there was a lot of people attending the dinner because there were a lot of cars in the parking lot, and there were a lot of people in the doorway of the big building.
When the adults gave us permission to get off the bus I got up and waited patiently till it was my turn to get of the bus so i could stretch out my legs because my legs were starting too lose feeling in them. when everyone was off the bus i started to walk in to the building when i had to stop because everyone was told to be seated and then we could walk around. while everyone was walking around I sat down at my table and watched as everybody was roaming around. everyone was wondering around for a good half an hour when they were told to be seated so Alicia and Quentin Jammer can give a quick announcement then we could get our food. After the Jammer family finished with their announcement i got my food and sat back down at my table where I got to eat. while i was eating a man went up to the podium where he gave a brief story on his life and a demonstration on what he does for a living which i thought was pretty cool.

When everyone was done eating we were told that there were going to be kids preforming a dance performance before we leave so i started to move my seat in front of the crowd so I could see the show better. after their dance performance was over everyone got to take a picture with the friends of San Pasqual, and the Jammer Foundation. when we were done with the pictures i was told that everyone was getting on the bus so I decided to walk balk to the bus so we could go back to our campus. overall it was a good thanks giving dinner.

Narrator Expository Paragraph
A narrator can influence how much a reader understands the story and get a clear picture of the story.For example, in first-person narration the narrator tells the story from one characters point of view and says how the character feels. But in third-person limited/omniscient narration the narrator tells the story from all points of view so the readers know what the characters are feeling and thinking. The difference is that in first person the narrator tells the story from one characters point of view and only tells the reader how that one character feels like, and in third person narration the narrator tells the story from all characters point of view and tells the readers what all the characters are feeling and thinking.The third-person limited narrator/omniscient is more credible because the story is told from all characters point of view so the readers can know what the characters are feeling and what they are thinking. Many reader enjoy reading stories written using first person narration because the whole story is told from one characters point of view and tells the readers how only one character feels and what one character thinks...    

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