Thursday, November 17, 2011

"The Storyteller" Another Point of View

I was sitting on the train on my way to temple calm station and in the both next tom me I saw what looks to be a mother with her three children but that wasn’t the mother it was their aunt. the kids were giving their aunt a hard time because they were singing, smacking the seat making dust to come out the seat, and running around. So I just stood there and listened to their try and calm them down by telling them a story. When she started telling the story the kids went straight into asking questions like they were trying to get her mad and it was kind of funny but she answered them and started again and was interrupted by more questions. Finally I got tired of the interruptions so I decided to tell the aunt that she was a bad story teller and she told me to try and tell them a story so I did. As I sat on the seat with the kids I told them a story about a girl named bertha and she was a very good girl but her goodness got her eaten by a wolf in the prince’s palace. After the story the aunt tried to say I was a bad story teller and I said at least I kept them quiet for ten minutes and then I got off the train.

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