Monday, November 21, 2011

Narrative Final Draft

Andrew G.
October 27, 2011
English 10 Period 2
Biographical Narrative

On our campus we got a new staff who use to play in the NFL his name is Phil and if you think about it you will know who he is because he stands out because he is a big guy. He started working here a couple of weeks ago after being a NFL player who was on a couple of teams like the San Diego Charger, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the Cleveland Browns. A lot of people are drawn to Phil because his past career but if you talk to him about something else like why he chose to work here instead of playing football he will talk to you and tell you that he wanted to work with kids and that he cares a lot about us.
It was a calm Monday night I was wrestling with the other staff during study hour because I wanted to take a break from studying and I had a lot of energy and Phil didn’t say anything because he was watching TV. After a while he told me if I didn’t do my study hour my homework wouldn’t get finished and I would have to study longer. For a while I thought about it and he was right so I stopped messing around and finished my homework .After I was done I started wrestling again because I got all my work done and wouldn’t have to worry about it later.
Thursday night the breeze felt good and you could smell the citric in the air. I was wondering out front of campus because the weather felt good but I was not checking in with my house. So as I got to the boys Rec Phil stopped me and said that I need to check in with my staff once in a while because they are looking for me and if I didn’t was going to be on restriction the next day, he also said that he doesn’t want me to be on restriction especial on a Friday because I could be speeding time with my friends instead of being in the house because I wasn’t checking in with my staff. So after he told me that I thought to myself that he was right because on Friday nights I could be outside doing fun stuff with my friends instead of being bored in my house because I chose to not check in. so listened to him and checked in the whole time and I got to stay out on Friday.
On a crazy Friday night I was in my house being irritating and messing around because I was mad and didn’t want to listen to the staff that was in my house. So my staff had Phil come in and calm me down because I was throwing a football in the house, jumping off the couches and changing the channel when people were trying to watch TV. So Phil came in my house and he told me that if I didn’t calm down I would be on restriction, So I decided to calm down until it was time to go outside because I didn’t want to give him a hard time and he was one of the staff I think is pretty cool.
Phil’s careness has helped me to be a better and more mature person because I noticed that my actions can impact on the things my house wants to do for a fun activity, like go to the gym or go on an outing. If Phil didn’t care for me or the whole house we wouldn’t be able to do family night with other houses or go on outings as a house.

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