Tuesday, December 6, 2011

“Through the Tunnel” Before You Read: Prove Yourself Paragraph

The experience happened right after we won or divisional championship football game against Julian Eagles on our home field. It was a cold and rainy day when we beat Julians football team 38 to 12 for the Division 5 championships and we were able to go to playoffs. The next game was against La Jolla country day a team that was really hard to beat so we had to practice really hard. We had to practice almost every day and pay really good attention to whatever the coach said in order to reach our goal. Honestly we didn’t get what we wanted because we lost but everyone on the team tried their best and that’s all the coach wanted to see. At the end I felt sad because the whole season we tried our best to go this far but ended the season. Now I feel good because we started off as an individual team but in the end we learned to play as a team.

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