Monday, October 4, 2010

Ten Most Memorable Days

1. When I was four my dad took me and my brother to Disney land for the whole day.
2. When I was five I learned how to roller blade while living in Long Beach.
3. I was seven when I learned how to play basketball with my brother at Silverado Park.
4. When I was eight my cousin pushed me down a hill with roller blades on and I face planted.
5. When I was nine my dad won the jackpot at a casino in Long Beach.
6. When I was in the fifth grade I got in trouble for putting a frog in another student’s desk.
7. The first time I saw someone get shot was when I was ten.
8. I started playing football at the age of eight at my elementary school.
9. I bought my first phone when I was sixth grade.
10. I was thirteen when i graduated from middle school.


  1. I think that number 4, 6, and 7 are intresting and some are funny. I really can't believe you put a frog in someones desk.

  2. Number 7 is very shocking. You should do that for your paper it will get peoples attention.

  3. I think nuber 7 is pretty cool it will get my attention

  4. Number seven is interesting you should write about it. It's and attention grabber.

  5. Number seven sounds very interesting.

  6. Yes number seven was crazy, That would be pretty cool if I experienced that happening.

  7. 6 sounds funny, but it might be easier to write about number 7.

  8. the one about you face planting is funny, but i hope you were all right.