Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One Flashback

One flashback that I had was when I was on summer vacation and was visiting my cousin who lives in Long Beach. when I was ten years old me and my cousin were riding our bikes around our neighborhood when we both got tired we stopped at a park called Silverado park. We were walking around the park to see if we knew anybody that we know after ten minutes of walking around we stopped at a nearby picnic table so we can rest. When we were resting I remembered a time when I was eight years old and my cousin was seven and we were both riding around the neighborhood like he was my best friend. after the memory was done I said “hey do you remember two years ago when we were riding our bike around this same neighborhood like we were best friends” and he said “ oh yeah I remember that time we did everything together”. After we were done resting we both got on our bikes and rode back to his house. That was one flashback that happened to me.

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