Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Autobiographical Narrative Reflection

When it comes to writing narritives I can be very good at it but at some points I can have a little trouble. Three things Ican do better on the next paper we write is when writing paragrphs I have to make sure that I dont put a lot of details because it will make the paragraph sound confusing. The second thing I can work on to improve is giving specific details on the characters and settings so other people that are reading the story can imagine what the person looks like or have a good imagination on what the setting looks like. The third and final thing i can work on or try to improve is when trying to write a narritive I have to make sure that I go back and double check my spelling because I went back to see my narritive and noticed that a lot of people told me that I hade made a lot of spelling errors so that I think will make my narritive better.

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