Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chilean Miners Rescue

The thirty-three miners that were trapped in a Chilean mine were rescued after having to stay under ground for two months. It was not till the night of October 13, 2010 when the last of the thirty-three miners was rescued and sent to the hospital the next day. If I hade one word to describe this situation I would chose the word devastating. One thing that happened in the mine was that they were able to use a small device to communicate with people above the ground, including their religious leaders. I think that it was good that they got to communicate with the people above ground because they were able to tell their family that they were okay, and not to worry because they will get out safely. Another thing that happed was when they were rescued they were forced to wear sunglasses because they were in the dark for so long that their eyes got use to it. If I were them I would feel bad because have to wear these sun glasses for a long time because of my eyes got adjusted to the darkness in the mine.  If I were one of the miners I would be so glade and thankful because I get to go back to my family and not have to worry if people are going to rescue us or not.

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