Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Portfolio - Improvement

Over the past two years, I have improved in some academic courses, as well as maturing into a young man. My writing skills were in need of much improvement during most of my middle school career; do to being in sixteen different schools my whole life. My skills improved because I got to learn basic writing skills by being in the same school for being in the same school for more than one year. My reading skills were lacking because I didn’t like to read and where I was living it was not emphasized heavily. Now they have improved greatly due to the fact I have been introduced to more books, and exposed to other great ways of learning. Before high school my speaking skills were nonexistent because I had a hard time expressing myself, and when I did it came out poorly. Now I can verbalize more appropriately and keep my emotions in check. My group work skills were immature, and attention seeking. But now during group time I listen, and observe appropriately. My pre high technology skills were not that good because we didn't use computers at my middle school. Now my technology skills are good because I got to work on computers the majority of time in classes so I'm more familiar with computers and other technology things. In order to improve my academic and other skills for the future years I will ask for help when it is needed and I will complete the assignments that are worth a lot of points to help my grade.

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