Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lord of the Flies - Before You Read - Power Struggle

Whenever a group of people live together, will there be a struggle for power?  Yes there will be a struggle for power for example if a certain half of people think it’s not fair that someone else is leader then they are going to complain and argue with the other group of people that think it’s good that the other person is a good ruler. In addition there is always a group of people of one person that doesn’t agree with someone else’s decision so of course they are going to struggle for power. Also if they think they can take power over the leader then they could try like other people in different groups because in any group there is always a struggle for power no matter what group it is. People tend to argue with others if they think someone made a bad decision so no matter what there will always be a struggle for power in any group.

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  1. This is alright, but you kind of explained the same thing multiple times. Go a little more into depth with it.