Friday, June 8, 2012

End of Year Reflection – Greatest High School Obstacle

The biggest obstical I encountered happened when I was in 9th grade, and I was living at San Pasqual Academy. It was the biggest obstical of mine because I was starting high school and my brother was coming in and out of my life and so was my mom. I felt kind of overwhelmed because my brother would be with me for a couple of week but then he would do something to get in trouble and finally got kicked out. On the other hand my mom would come and visit me once a month and then all of a sudden she just stopped visiting me until she finally called my house and told me that she moves out of state, now she is living in a state called Maine. The obsitcal changed me because it taught me how to be strong and it also taught me how to be independent because I used to depend on my brother or mom to be there for me but when they both left I learned how to count on myself. The reason it made me feel strong is because I felt like I was an only child and its kind of hard seeing people with siblings because it makes you feel different, but like a famous rapper named Tupac said " Sometimes being an only child makes you stronger."

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