Monday, February 27, 2012

Technology in School Paragraph

In tenth grade, my teacher uses a site called Quizlet.  It helps me with spelling because I create spelling flash cards that have the definitions, and when I'm done I could listen to the word and then type it in and see if I spelled it right. So its like a spelling game online.  Also in tenth grade, my teacher uses a site called Plato.  It helps me because it's a site that helps kids with every topic such as English.  In the English column They have everything from capitalization to punctuations.  In additions, in tenth grade, my teacher uses Blogger.  It helps me because it's like doing English homework but on the internet.  I really like this technique because it gives us students a different way of doing homework instead of doing regular homework on a piece of paper.  This site also keeps all your submitted work in one section so it's easier for the student to find their work, instead of keeping them in one big file.Future teachers can help their students to learn by making them study for their tests online.  Studying for an online test make it easier because they could listen to the questions and answers so they know what to say and write on the real test.