Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Persuasive Essay

“Should Students Attend House Outings for Bonding Time”

Some kids on campus like going on house outings because it gives them time to get off campus and bond with other kids that live in their house like a normal family. But on the other hand there are kids that don’t like going on outings because of bad experiences in the past or they never had a family to bond with. Students should go on house outings for some bonding time because it not only helps them build a strong and steady relationship with their housemates it also helps them build trust and makes communicating with each other easier.

Did you know it’s proven that spending time and having fun with people that aren’t family memebers actually starts to build a strong and  good relationship with those people because you enjoy having fun with them. Some house parents say that going on outings helps build a strong relationship with other students in the house because they are use to having fun and spending time with each other that it becomes something they like to do.  It also helps the kids build trust between each other becuase they are use to being around the same kids that trust issues don’t normally apply in their everyday relationship.

If a student doesn’t like attending house outing then they might have had a bad experience of trying to bond with other people in the past and something went wrong or they never had an actual family to bond and spend time with. There are some kids on campus that never had a family to spend time with so when their house asks them to go on an outing they try to avoid attending because they are not uses to bonding with other people. According to some kids on campus they don’t like going on outings because they never had the time to bond with other people so they try and avoid going becuase they don’t know how to bond. But if they do go then they could try and learn how to bond with other people becuase if they don;t know how to bond then they might never know and bonding is a real big factor in the outside world.

When students go on outings with their house it builds a strong relationship between all the kids so they start to feel like they can trust and count on each other to be there when they need each other the most. For example I had a personal experience of having personal problems and then only people I could talk to is the kids in my house. When I talked to them about my problem I trusted them not to tell anybody and I counted on them to keep the conversation between us and thats what they did. They didn’t tell anybody about the problem because we had a strong and steady relationship that we could talk to each other about anything and count on everybody not to break each others trust.

So  basicaly this essay is about students going on house outings to build trust and bond with other kids in their house because there might be a point in time where the only people they have to talk to or bond with is the people in their house. And if they never built a strong relationship with the kids in their house then they will have a hard time talking to the kids because they aren’t use to talking to them because they never spent time to bond with them. So you should go on house outings so just in case you need someone to talk to or someone to count on you have the people that live in your house because you guys built a strong and steady relationship that they will be there for you when you need them.

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