Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dragons Den: Colors

A color that represents me is red because I have a lot of anger and to me red is a color that stands for anger. I am similar to this color because there are different shades of red and like me there are times where I could be calm but I can also reach the point where I get really mad. This color represents all my anger and frustration that built up all these years. This color is symbolic of all my anger because ever since my big brother and I were little kids we always had anger problems but since we’ve grown up we learned how to control our anger a little bit but there are certain things that could get us mad. If you are around me a lot, you will see this color in me because there are those people that know that I get mad easy and they try and test me but since I learned how to control my anger I just let it go, but if it’s something personal or unnecessary then I might get really upset.

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