Wednesday, May 4, 2011

San Diego County Third-Person Paragraph

When people attend a Padres or Chargers game they should be super happy especially if it’s their first time because they get to watch the two different teams play in the same stadium and not in front of the TV they got in the living room. Also when people attend a padres or chargers game they should be thankful that they get to see pro athletes perform and be able to watch them on the field because if the athletes didn’t have a game that day then they would have to stay home and do something else. When attending a padres or chargers game people should limit their drinking because people might bring their kids or little siblings and it’s not good if people are getting drunk and starting fights in front of little kids especially at a sports game. Also when attending a padres or chargers game people should be grateful that they are at the game because someone else could have taken their spot or seat so that is why people should be thankful when they attend a padres or chargers game.


  1. From your post, I learned that getting drunk leads to fights.

  2. Have you been to both Padres and Chargers games? I have. By the way, sports team names are always capitalized, because they are proper nouns. :-)