Friday, December 17, 2010

What I learned in English 10

What I learned in English ten second quarter was the different types of themes, irony, and what is the characters and readers points of view. Prietser had showed me allot about how I can join in on an online conversation and how I can create a poll. I had also learned that I can join in on a contest that can benefit the school or any school in the state. She showed us this cool website that can help us create an online persuasive project. It was simple and easy, you can try if you want to. I have learned new vocabulary almost every day and have learned to explain ambiguity in text. n blogger I can post comments and create a project that celebrates a holiday online. Also on blogger I can write about anything even my days on the campus I live on. On Google docs I was able to learn about creating my own graphic organizer and publishing it on the web. Another thing on blogger you can create new pages and embed new projects that are shown around the world. It is safe and harmless if you learn to use it correctly. I also can crate a poll that I can have others rate my writing. I also learned how to make a quiz for friends and family. Those quizzes are actually fun and can be for any subject. I also have a delicious account and can make new bookmarks about any vocabulary or events that are happening.

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