Wednesday, December 15, 2010

“The Lady or the Tiger?”

I would rather be tried under the court system because doing time in jail is way better then getting mauled by a hungry tiger, well at least I think so don’t you? One reason I would want to be tried under the court system is because there are some crimes that you can do and get a small consequence and then again there are some crimes that have major consequences. One reason I wouldn’t want to be tried under the kings system is because a guilty person can make a lucky guess and chose the door with the lady behind it and vice versa if a innocent person is tried and took a bad guess and ended up getting ripped to shreds by a angry tiger then the guilty person lived and a innocent person died for no reason. So that is why I would want to be tried under the court system because I would rather spend three years in jail for stealing a brand new car from my neighbor. The United States Justice System is way better then the kings system because if you go by the kings system you would have to worry about what door a hungry tiger is standing waiting for you to open it then your dead but if you go by the court system you don’t have to worry all that all you have to worry about is what your going to jail for and how long you are going to be in jail. If you’re in jail for a very long time then that sucks for you doesn’t it.


  1. That's a nice long blog post but your probably should go back and do some spell checking to be safe...and to get an A+++!

  2. Thats really great, but what if you were found guilty and you were really innocent? Also Iknow never to be your neighbor!

  3. Keep up the good work that relly good.!