Thursday, September 16, 2010

“Thank You, M'am" Character to Person Comparison Paragraph"

Rodger and my brother have some stuff in common,one thing they have in common is even if they both do something bad they are always respectful to the people that tell them they shouldn't do it again because what they did was wrong. Another thing they have in common is if they have a decision to run or do the right thing. They both will do the right thing because even though they have the choice to run or stay they don't want to run because they want to show the other person that they have respect and they both have a sense of manner. Somethings that are different between my brother and Rodger is when my brother gets really mad he will start to yell at anybody that tire to calm him down,and I don't know how Rodger acts when he gets mad so therefor that makes them diffident. The best character trait they have is that they are respectful to grown ups even if they tell them wrong from right.

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