Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Thank you m'am from Rogers point of view"

One day when I was walking down the street thinking about these blue suede shoes I saw at this store and I really wanted them, after I turned the corner I saw an old women walking and I thought If I can take her pocket bag I would have enough money to buy the blue suede shoes I was thinking about. So after two seconds of thinking I decided to try and snatch her pocket bag but as soon as I snatched her bag I lost my balance at fell to the ground. When the old lady saw that I fell after trying to take her bag she kicked me in my butt and told me to give her pocket bag back when I didn’t reply back she snatched me by my shirt and lifted me on to my feet. After she got me to my feet she noticed that my face was dirty and asked why I didn’t go home and wash my face, and I told her because my parents were not home right now. So after having a talk she told me that she was going to take me to her house so she can wash my face and so she can teach me a lesson. So when new got to her house she told me to wash my face at the sink so that is what I did, when I was done I sat at the far end of the room so the lady can see what I was doing after a few minutes the lady gave me ten dollars and told me that she gave me it because I was so respectful and now I can buy the shoes I want.

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