Monday, November 29, 2010

“First Persuasive Paragraph.”

 Students should be given money to buy Christmas gifts for their friends because if their best friend buys a gift and wants one to make it fair then student has to tell his friend that he didnt get him a gift because he didnt get any money for gift so now he gets a gift but his friend is also mad at him. If kids didnt get money to buy gifts for his friends it is basically taking all the students friends away because if their friend gets them a gift and wants one because it is christmas and the student get any money the friends are going to get mad because they spent money on their friend and their friend didnt get them one small present. That is why I think students should get money to buy gifts for their friends.


  1. I'm confused. I thought Christmas wasn't about receiving. I thought it was about giving.

    By the way, avoid writing run on sentences. Use commas and periods to help organize your thoughts and ideas.

  2. Andrew you had a lot of run-on sentences, other than that you did good.