Monday, August 30, 2010

dangerous game Sequal

When I realized that I just killed general zaroff, and I won the hunt I went to look for the key that leads to the basement which is holding a lot of hostages. After five minutes of searching I got tired of looking. I went into the living where general zaroff keep all his animal heads so I can get something to drink. suddenly I remembered the time me and general zaroff were talking about how he hunted the Cape buffalo I went to check behind all the heads just to make sure that he didn’t hide it behind them. Surely after looking behind the big buffalos head there was a key but next to it there was another key that looks exactly the same. So after thinking about what I should do I took both of the keys just in case one of the keys doesn’t work. Two minutes later I reached the basement which fells like its two hundred feet below the ground; on the other side of a big metal door with a face of a lion on it, was a ton of people with voices with fear in their voices. I asked if everyone was okay or if anyone was hurt, one second later a voice of a young child said that everyone was okay but the room was very crowded, I told the kid not to worry because I am going to get you out. After trying one key which didn’t work I tried the second key which did work I told everyone to go to the front of the house and wait till everyone is out of the home. When I got to the front door I asked if anyone was missing. After everyone was out of the house we all got on a nearby boat and all went home safely.

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  1. This is a very creative story. I could visualize many parts of it. Next time, remember to always capitalize names.