Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Homonyms Practice Blog Paragraph

I grabbed my stuff and ran towards THEIR football field. THEIR field was very nice, it had so many football stands. THEIR favorite part of the field was the center because it had their logo in the middle. THEIR rival school has a field just like that one but with a different logo. Maybe THEIR team will play against their rivals tonight or Friday night. THEY'RE hoping to win this game because THEIR rival team is very competitive and dirty. I asked them, whats YOUR teams strength? and they said that THEIR team is much faster and stronger. I asked if THEY'RE going to win the game and everyone screamed out yes. I replied "Then go out THERE and give them all you've got". 


  1. Good post Andrew, I can tell you know how to use the words.

  2. This resembles Michael's post a lot.....